Bill Payment

What we provide in Bill Payment.

What is Bill Payment?

Bill payment via online mode is becoming more popular India, It saves time and effort of human. Here DevelopIndia helps their customer to pay their any kind of bill.

Why with us?

Online bill payment has become a lot easier with BBPS, i.e., Bharat Bill Payment System. The service offers to pay your bills ‘Anywhere Anytime’ via one of the available mediums like online banking, UPI, website, wallet, etc. and feel relaxed. Now, one doesn’t need to install too many bill payment applications on their phone. Just install one app and access any bank or any medium to transfer or receive money.

Product Features : In today’s time, when so many integrated bill payment applications are available, achieving customer retention with one particular app is a little difficult. However, the right set of features can do wonders. We’ve designed a bill payment service product keeping customer satisfaction as the top priority.

Product’s top features include:

a. Interoperable : The best-known feature of BBPS. It brings all the ways of transection to the one place and provides ease to its customer.

b. Cost Effective : BBPS commercial system is designed to provide ease in money transaction. It doesn’t charge the customers for offering a safer money transfer service.

c. Integration : It provides single-point access for money transaction. Irrespective of the bank and money transfer medium like UPI or net banking, everything has been made available to the customer.

d. Complaint Management : It comes with a standardized complaint management system. If any issue occurs while making a transaction, report the issue within 24 hours, and get the best available solution.

e. Brand Connect : As the unified bill payment service believes in transparency, security, and 100% customer satisfaction, only a trusted brand has been connected to it. Having access to BBPS makes these brands even more popular and improves their customer database.

f. Accessible : BBPS gives the access to make transactions either by visiting the bank physically or using the digital payment service. In the end, it’s the customer who decides and takes action in whatever way they feel most confident and finds it comfortable.