Corporate Social Responsibility

What is CSR?

To put it simply, CSR is the acronym used for Corporate Social Responsibility. t’s a task performed by a group of professionals deeply motivated to work to bring a positive change. At present time, most organizations irrespective of their size i.e., the number of employees and their brand’s popularity consider CSR as an essential task to execute to create a healthy work atmosphere. In the fast-moving world today, we have so much to pay attention to bring some change and make this world a better place for the future generation.

Top-most areas where CSR work is required:


Eradication of poverty

Ensuring environmental sustainability

Women health


Gender equality

Save and clean water awareness

The list of CSR areas goes beyond the above points. However, contributing to any of these areas or other social issues matters a lot.

If you wish this nation to be better at a particular area then start contributing your time, money, brain, or whichever way suits you the most.